Universal Interface Structure Balancing

This system has been in development now for a few years - it began 'coming through' bit by bit in 2008, then started 'storming through' in 2009. Although the use of the Universal Interface is now well established in my clinical practice, I am still updating it, discovering more wonderful 'gems' about this beautiful system! The Universal Interface links to many other systems, physical and etheric and is very stabilising once in balance.

The Universal Interface is a geometric structure far out in your etheric fields. It consists of figure 8 energy flows emanating from certain points in its structure, it has an Inner and Outer structure, a Core and connecting pathways.

This structure can become distorted through trauma, shock, energetic disturbances and other issues. The top part of the structure I discovered, is strongly linked to depression, when distorted in a way that brings it too close to the physical body and gets stuck in that position.  The bottom part of the structure is strongly linked to Immune imbalances - especially the Master Immune system.

The Universal Interface is also linked to physical body structure - when one is out of balance, so usually is the other.

The 'Outer', Higher frequency points and Core of the Universal Interface receive streams of Cosmic Energy and transduce them down in frequency, send them to different systems to be transduced further and eventually to frequencies that can be comfortably used by the physical body.  When these points become blocked or distorted, healing frequencies and high frequency energy cannot reach the physical body.

The Universal Interface structure when balanced, gives one a sense of expansion, clarity and centeredness.