LEAP: Brain integration for learning disabilities and challenges 

Dr Charles T Krebs, spent 25 years developing this comprehensive programme, in collaboration with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals.

The name for this programme - LEAP - has now been changed from Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program to LIFE enhancement Acupressure Program, as all aspects of this programme are Life enhancing on many levels, and benefits people of all ages and walks of life.

LEAP assesses and corrects most learning difficulties including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, many reading difficulties, spelling and mathematics.  This technique is being taught at colleges and universities in Australia and Europe.  More than 500 practitioners currently employ all or some parts of LEAP, in educational and health settings in Asia, Europe and North America.

Neurological conditions that affect learning are becoming increasingly widespread. Such conditions include:

A wide variety of learning difficulties related to reading, writing, and spelling.


Sensory integration problems

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Central Auditory Processing Problem (CAPP) or Disorder (CAPD)

Vision and visual perception problems

Cognition and memory problems

Closed head injuries (eg resulting from concussion, etc)

Stroke and brain injury

What causes the loss of brain integration?

Almost all of the functions the brain performs are the result of information flowing through widely distributed systems. No task, whether it is simple or complex, activates just a single brain area. Rather, vast networks of processing centres - from the unconscious brainstem system through the largely subconscious limbic areas to our subconscious cortical processing - are activated by a given function before we even begin to consciously 'think' about the action we are considering.  

Therefore, it is vital that we have proper integration of these pathways as they are crucial to effective brain function.  Loss of integrated brain function literally equals loss of effective emotional and mental processing, the primary source of 'stress' in our lives.

The primary loss of integration is the activation of the brain's survival defence mechanisms in response to emotional stress - the very same fight or flight reaction invoked in our primitive ancestors to life threatening situations.  Such distress 'shuts down' our thinking and problem solving abilities of our frontal lobes.  

This may be expressed as the loss of ability to perform specific mental functions such as reading, spelling or mathematics (in the case of learning disabilities), or the loss of more general mental functions such as making effective decisions when under stress, or forming and articulating thoughts and controlling general emotional states.  

Loss of brain integration has equally devastating effects on physical performance - the athlete who 'chokes' in the important game is but one example.

How does leap restore brain integration?

LEAP restores brain function by re-synchronising important neural flows.  Acupressure techniques that employ the Law of Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been shown to be very effective in re-synchronising neural flows, and re-establishing brain functional brain functional integration.

Far too many of us, both adults and children, experience cognitive deficiencies that are a direct result of the loss of proper brain integration.  LEAP techniques have helped tens of thousands of individuals across the globe, to overcome these challenges.