My passion is creation

I love to create and be creative. Whether it's artwork, music, beautiful spaces, new healing methods and meals. I love it all.
To create, to manifest is in my nature.

Challenges are exciting

Something that has not been done before or is seemingly impossible to do, I will find a way.

I love learning

Every day is full of learning opportunities which lead to growth and expansion giving scope for the creation of more beautiful and better things.

I am here for you

You may currently be in a state in which you don't feel quite right, but you cannot put your finger on what is wrong.

You are aware that you need something, but you don't know what that is. Or you may be well aware of the issues that you want and need clearing or resolving. Whichever of these fit you, I am here to help you. Just contact me to book your appointment so we can sort out whatever is bothering you.

More about me

You may have not heard of me before, however I have worked with Dr Charles T Krebs Phd for the past 7 years and we regularly collaborate on new discoveries. Some of these discoveries are being used today by Charles in his worldwide trainings and in clinic. He is based at the Lydian Centre for Innovative Healthcare in Boston, USA. Charles is currently working with Harvard University professors on on-going research studies with Energy Kinesiology techniques. 

List of relevant trainings

Reiki Master/Teacher, Limelight Flower Essences practitioner, Hopi Ear candling, Soul contract reading, Reflexology, Divine healing and Light Body Integration (Light Body Integration treatments available from July 2016)


Music - I play trombone and euphonium.  I am part of an orchestra and bands, which I LOVE.  Art - this site is filled with some of my artwork.  A fully trained professional ballet dancer in earlier years, advanced yoga in later years.