Clearing your Human Blueprint to Access Multidimensionality

Our Original Divine Blueprint is perfect.

Each of us has our own Human Blueprint, reflected on the Physical Plane by our DNA.  The DNA level of our Human Blueprint holds the information expressed in our Physical and Physiological bodies.  Beyond the Physical Plane, we find that our Human Blueprint also holds the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual information of our total Multi-Dimensional Being, and it is through the full expression of our Multi-Dimensional Human Blueprint that we become whole.

Here, in our Human Blueprint, we hold patterning that makes us who and what we are - as well as Genetic, some of this patterning is Karmic, acquired from previous existences, some is programmed/learned through experiences from current and previous existences, and some is Ancestral patterning.

Thus, all this shapes our current lives on Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Core Level.  

Unfortunately, much of this patterning and programming can be negative, which limits us, blocks us, and has a detrimental effect to the full expression of our True Selves.

Accessing our HUMAN Blueprint enables us to release this negative patterning/programming, freeing us from its restrictions and limitations so that we can become whole, allowing the emergence of our true selves, free from the 'baggage' we have been carrying around for so long.

In a basic Human Blueprint session, you will discover a basic Core Belief/s that have been holding you back. We will find the co-ordinates where this patterning is held within your Blueprint and clear it from there, freeing you to move forward on your path.

There is a similar procedure for Genetic and Ancestral issues, where we also discover and clear where the issues/patterning are held within your Human Blueprint. 

This procedure differs in that it usually involves clearing negative patterning from Chromosomes and Genes, finding at which generation the DNA alteration originally occurred, what caused it (often an emotion, trauma or shock), and on the Genetic/Ancestral Line of which parent.  Chromosome and Genes are also rebalanced at the time of the original distortion.

human blueprint - Divine Healing Course Module

You can learn how to access multidimensionality by clearing your Human Blueprint in the two day Divine Healing Course Module at The Centre of Love and Enlightenment, taught by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire.  I recently developed this course module with assistance from Ahlmeirah.  If you would like to learn this, (you will require to have taken Divine Healing Levels 1-4 before you can learn this), please click this link:

Human Blueprint - Kinesiology Module

This is now being taught around the world, and has already been taught in Australia, Hong Kong and UK.  Next teaching date for Part 1 of The Human Blueprint is in August, at IAK Freiburg, Germany, (Kinesiology prerequisites apply).

bringing heaven to Earth

It is now possible to pull in and anchor, at a cellular and subatomic level, information held within the Human Blueprint that was previously inaccessible.  This also includes, (amongst a list of healing uses),  grounding in latent talents and skills which have been 'stuck' in the Blueprint. This newly discovered method brings these talents, skills and knowledge in, so they can be actively and consciously used.

This will be the focus for the next Divine Healing Module - The Human Blueprint Part 2 - Grounding Heaven to Earth.