I contacted Syriiel requesting her help with the vow breaking of my MAPHAs based on the energies I have in my Soul Contract Chart. During the breaking of the Karma and Goal positions, I realised that there would be tremendous benefit to breaking all 22 MAPHAs across the whole of the Soul Contract Chart as we knew instantly that I was also affected by other energies within the chart which weren’t my energies but were impacting me in a negative way. I became acutely aware during this process just how much karma we inherrit from our parents, our grand parents… every ancestor within our genetic lineage and so not only was I processing my own things, but those within my direct lineage for both my parents.

The results of clearing all 22 energies has had a direct positive impact on me personally, in the way I interact with others, the way I approach daily tasks head on, the way I deal with any issues that crop up on a day to day basis. I am a lot more sure of myself, nothing phases me, triggers me, brings me down and I am more confident within myself and the decions I make. I believe I can conquer anything I put my mind to and I will succeed as no other option crosses my mind. The direct removal of the Soul Contract Device has left a stillness within me that I have never experienced before, my thoughts and focus are crystal and unwavering and I see life through new eyes as if experiencing all things for the first time. My attitude towards everything is from a mindset of CAN DO. I really feel I am now truly the master of my own destiny liberated and free from all negative karma and patterns and ancestral imprints and karma that were holding me back and preventing me from moving forward in so many areas of my life. Everything now seems possible and will become a reality.

The final piece of my work with Syriiel was the Upgrading of my Human Blueprint - the last piece of the puzzle of the work I have done through MAPHA’s. This was a very unique experience for me as she worked to upgrade each element and co-ordinate within me for my next step of growth and phase in life. This has left me with a deep sense of knowing that there is a far greater role for me to carry out on earth than I had ever imagined. What this looks like as of yet is still unclear but I feel equipped and ready to follow through, stepping up to fulfil my soul destiny head on gracefully, successfully and with honour of my genetic lineage. It has been a real joy working with Syriiel and my advice is if you are thinking of working with Syriiel, just do it, dont hesitate, take the bull by the horns and liberate your body, mind, soul and spirit where you will really begin to know and experience just who you are as a person free from all karma. It will be one of the greatest spiritual decisions you ever make and you wont be disappointed, of that I am sure.
— LR