Do you need assistance with your Ascension process?

Our human experience of feeling limited and separate from Divinity is an illusion. In reality, human souls are extensions of the Divine.  The purpose of incarnating on Earth and experiencing this limited reality is to expand God Consciousness. This exploration of unconsciousness reached its extreme limit during the Harmonic Convergence of 1989.

As a result, all beings on Earth, together with the planet itself are rising in frequency and consciousness. This creates uncomfortable symptoms as our bodies absorb the Light and release the separation energies.

The separation illusion is partially created by etheric structures, devices and programming in our energy fields.  The Lightbody Integration work removes these structures and integrates the Higher Light of our Spirit with Grace and Ease.

This Higher Light activates dormant parts of our DNA, eventually turning us into beings of light.

New pathways are cut through our brains creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings.

Our heart chakras open multidimensionally, to merge with all the other chakras, creating our Merkabah (Ascension vehicle).


Basic Lightbody Integration is designed to assist you with your transition process of Ascension.  Sessions follow a specific sequence as follows:

Body Consciousness Realignment

Etheric Crystal Removal

Divinity Threshold Recalibration

Astral Devices

Higher Light Integration

Activation + Recalibration

Body consciousness realignment

Do you feel:

❊  Scattered and off balance most of the time?

❊  That you feel separate from your body and that it has a will of its own?

Our body's consciousness is a separate, sentient being in it's own right, called the Keepers of the Human Legacy.  Their job is to maintain us in maximum separation from God/Source.  This is to expand consciousness into unknown parts of creation.  This creates a conflict, as our personality and soul are rising in frequency.


❊  Establishing a communication channel with the Keepers

❊  Changing the Keepers' orientation, so that they align with the soul and absorb the Higher          Light


❊  Feeling more calm and grounded

❊  Greater focus and stillness

❊  Spontaneous healing

❊  Healing, meditation and all spiritual practices become easier