Divine Healing Master key

This is a channelled healing method based on the spiritual law 'ask and you shall receive'.

We clear core patterns freeing your life force for greater health, wellbeing and connection.


Divine healing accesses and clears:

Your soul records and soul programmes
Inherited ancestral patternings
Unresolved past life issues
Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts
Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras
Fear programs
Interference energies including entities
Physical, mental and emotional imbalances
Blocked energy in the organs and glands
Genetically encoded imprints
Judgements and negative beliefs
Shock and trauma

Can also facilitate:

Regeneration and rejuvenation of your cells
Enhancing of brain functions/integration
Stabilisation of hydration/dehydration in the body
Encoding of healing essences, colours and crystals
Balancing your body’s nutrition and biochemistry
Harmonising and alignment of your energy bodies and chakras
Balancing the five elements
Healing your eyesight


Please contact Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire at The Centre of Love and Enlightenment to train in Divine Healing Levels 1-4 and other Modules, including my own recently created Divine Healing Module, 'Clearing The Human Blueprint To Access Multidimensionality'.

Please contact Nicolas David Ngan at The Center for Conscious Ascension for Training in Divine Healing Levels 1 & 2