Gentle and Loving

Many people find the Atlas Profilax Procedure very painful or brutal. This has put many others off from having this important alignment! 

Good news is, that there IS an alternative! This very gentle procedure, is just as effective and powerful. Programming that is released through the Atlas adjustment can be dealt with easily, during the same session.

The method uses Energetic Kinesiology,  Chinese 5 Elements and more, addressing both the Atlas itself and the Sub Occipital muscles that hold the Atlas in place. Postural muscle imbalances that can occur from an Atlas and Sub Occipital imbalances are also checked for and corrected in the session.

Sub Occipital muscles can be very ‘tight’, (overfacilitated) or ‘can’t tighten’ at all, (underfacilitated). They can also be in a state called ‘muscle reactivity’, wherein the action of one muscle ‘turns off’ the function of another. This is all very easy and painless to balance. 

Each client is dealt with individually, because each will have different Sub Occipital muscle imbalances, different structural and postural imbalances, with different programming and emotions behind them. The procedure takes around 1-1/2 hours, (possibly 2 hours if there is a lot of programming being released).