Unleash your powers of manifestation

The Cerebellum is involved in many 'Loops' relating to brain function, such as in Auditory Processing, Working Memory and Spelling, and Gravitational stability, for example. It makes your intended action, the actual action.

Pathways within these 'Loops' can be disrupted for many different reasons, which result in the Loop 'breaking down', leading to (using the examples given above), difficulty in auditory processing, memory, spelling and physical balance.

As in motor movement on the Physical Level, the Cerebellum co-ordinates your intention with action, sending out neurological signals to correct the motor programme while it is running - in the Intention Loop, the Cerebellum co-ordinates the manifestation of your intent from the Non-Physical World.

A desire/intention to manifest something in your life is also an intended action that the Cerebellum is involved with manifesting the outcome.

What is your heartfelt Intention?  To heal?  To find your mission in life? To start a business? To find Love? To achieve/discover your true purpose? To move house? Something else?

Do you have an strong Intention to manifest something in your life and work really hard at it, but nothing much happens?

Just as the pathways of the Cerebellar Loops in the brain can be disrupted, due to various stresses, so can the pathways on the Intention Loop.

Negative energies, negative self beliefs, negative subconscious programming that you will be totally unaware of, Program Holder Astrals, negative emotions for instance, can all block/disrupt these pathways.  So what this means, is that you can be truly passionate and enthusiastic and have a very strong intention about what you wish to manifest, but if there are blocked pathways within the specific Intention Loop, nothing much is actually going to manifest!

In an Intention Loop Session, we unblock these pathways for your specific Intention Loop using Energetic Kinesiology techniques and Divine Healing, making manifestation of your Intention not only possible, but a whole lot easier! At the end of the session, once all pathways are clear, you then re-broadcast your specific Intention out to the Universe through a now free flowing, clear circuit!