Soul Contract Program Holder Astral Removal

The numbers within a Soul Contract chart, hold both positive and negative frequencies. It is the negative side of these Soul Contract Numbers that give us our main challenges throughout life.

A couple of years ago, Nicolas David Ngan of the Center for Conscious Ascension and myself, began researching this the Soul Contract frequencies using some new correction tools named Quantum Harmony Chips, along with the Soul Contract Numbers and their symbols.

Through our research and experimentation, we discovered a way to actually remove the negative aspect of each Soul Contract Number.  We named these negative aspects 'Program Holder Astrals' (PHAs), as they hold the negative programming. We also discovered that removing PHAs cuts out years of having to work through difficult programming, and eases one's life challenges greatly, especially when removing Karmic numbers.

As of now, this process has been refined and a solid procedure to remove PHAs is available.  It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to remove one set - one set being for example, PHA 20-2, or PHA 3-3 and so on.  

Multidimensional Ancestral Program Holder Astral Removal (MAPHA)

Exciting new news!! Further developments have now resulted in the MAPHA procedure for removal of Soul Contract numbers!  This removes the 'Program Holder Astrals' for each Soul Contract Number, throughout the Multidimensional Ancestral Line!!  

This gives a very deep clearing, and involves going back to one's first Multidimensional Ancestor for each specific Soul Contract Number/s, and clearing the negative programming from the time of that Ancestor, right through the Multidimensional Ancestral line to one's present day incarnation.