My name is Ayaahanie, and I will assist you in transforming your life. I uncover the information you need to heal to help you perform at your full capacity; the way you were designed to. 

Treatments are  bespoke. Although the delivery is the same what comes up to be resolved and cleared in each session is unique to each person. This is aligned with my passion,  I love the challenge of discovering the imbalances and TO help you heal them.

I am at the cutting edge of discovering new methods, constantly creating new healing technologies for your benefit. I address your issues on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, in the most gentle, non-invasive way.  

Please do be aware that you may not always experience immediate relief from your condition/issue.

This is due to a number of reasons: Firstly, 'layers'. Most issues will have 'layers' of the same issue that need to be cleared before you experience true relief.  

Whilst it is ideal to go immediately to the root cause of the issue, this often proves far too traumatic for most, and so it is better to work through the different layers.  The trauma activated by going immediately to the root cause can force the issue to become hidden even deeper than before, making it even more difficult to clear!

Secondly, if Deep Survival Switching is involved, it can take weeks, even months before a difference is felt, due to processing time, especially if the issue/condition has been present for a long time.

I have experienced this myself,  following sessions from even the very best Healers. I have thought, "Well that didn't really change anything"... but lo and behold, months/weeks later, I suddenly realise the issue has actually cleared.  

So don't worry - nothing has 'gone wrong' - it may just be that it's an issue that needs a long processing time, or has more layers to clear!


Energetic Kinesiology

Incredibly versatile, covers health issues to psychological problems, learning disabilities, brain integration, emotional difficulties, developmental delays and other issues.


Stands for 'Life Enhancement Acupressure Program'. This is the brain child of Dr Charles T Krebs, who spent 25 years developing this. Assesses and corrects most learning disabilities and challenges.

Divine Healing

Enables the quick and effective identification and clearing of core patterns, freeing your life force for greater health, connection and well-being.


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