Truly Deep Immune Balancing

As well as the regular Immune System that you are familiar with, there also exists a 'Master' Immune System in your Etheric fields.
This Master Immune System has energetic pathways linking it to your regular Immune system.  In this way, it sends instructions to your regular Immune system to instigate healing.

If your Master Immune system is out of balance, and if the pathways from it that link it to your regular Immune system are blocked/unbalanced, optimal healing cannot take place, or may improve for a while, but then revert back to the previous state of imbalance.

In balancing the Master Immune system and its pathways, you are giving yourself a far greater chance of healing and long lasting Immune stability!  

This method is used both within energetic kinesiology sessions and also as a stand alone session to get your Immune responses back online, or for specific immune related issues, such as allergies, viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, electromagnetic stress and more.

This is a fairly recent discovery that I found and started working with in 2014/5, and has been added by Dr Charles T Krebs to the Immune system procedure he developed some years earlier.  Now in 2016, he has now begun teaching the Master Immune system procedures to professional kinesiologists worldwide and uses the Master Immune system in his own clinical practice with great success.